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Super-fast, secure, scalable and high availability. Onyx is the platform of choice for WordPress hosting.

1,000 Gbps DDoS Protection

Our in-line DDoS protection monitors all traffic in real-time to identify and block attacks against your sites. Clean traffic from genuine visitors is allowed onto sites hosted on our infrastructure, whilst malicious requests blocked by our DDoS protection.

Load Balancer

Caching load-balancers operating in redundant pairs provide blazing-fast access to cached data, while routing requests for uncached content to your site’s worker containers.

LXC Containers

Multiple LXC containers host your WordPress site. Additional containers can be added on-the-fly to deal with traffic increases.

Resilient Storage Pool

3 copies of all website file data are stored on an NVMe storage cluster to ensure maximum performance and availability of your data.

Maria DB & Redis Cluster

Database processing takes place on a dedicated MariaDB cluster, with repeated queries being served from a Redis in-memory cache.

Platform Backups

All data is backed-up to independent backup hardware, ready to be restored at a moment’s notice.

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Load balancer diagram
LXC Containers diagram
Storage diagram
Database cluster diagram
Backups diagram

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