Onyx FAQ

We’ve designed Onyx to be intuitive and easy to use, but we also appreciate you may have some questions. Please take a look at the FAQs below as we may well have it covered already. If your question isn’t answered please do hop on chat, or drop us a support ticket.

How is WordPress on Onyx managed?

Onyx is a managed high-availability platform. We monitor the servers and ensure that your site is always available and online. We monitor the resources sites are using and can scale the containers if required to add more capacity.

WordPress is configured to auto-install updates by default.

Can I disable auto-updates?

Yes. There are plugins that allow you to configure what updates happen automatically (WordPress core, minor/security updates, plug-in, theme & translation).

You can also add the following to your wp-config.php file - which will disable core updates.


However, we strongly recommend not disabling automatic updates. If the sites software versions become out of date you may be exposed to security risks.

What are the default resources per container?

All plans 1Gb of memory


All plans 1 CPU Core

  • Personal - 5Gb
  • Pro - 10Gb
  • Business - 50Gb
  • Agency - 200Gb
What do the pre-installed plugins do?

This plugin adds Content Delivery Network functionality. This distributes some static files from your site to servers closer to your clients - so the load is spread out from your main server and files are delivered quickly.

WP101 tutorials

This plugin adds the WP101 WordPress tutorials to your dashboard. If you are proficient and familiar with WordPress you can freely deactivate and/or remove this plugin.

How do I use different plugins?

From your WordPress dashboard, Plugins > Add New. You can then either search the WordPress repository for the plugin or upload a plugin zip file.

Are there any banned plugins?

There are no specifically banned plugins but we would draw your attention to the Onyx Terms & Conditions regarding abuse.

We strongly recommend not using other caching plugins. The default plugins installed should ensure your site works well and caches appropriately. You may wish to use a plugin to minify or combine your javascript and/or CSS - if this is not handled directly by your theme.

Your package includes backups but we understand you may wish to take your own additional backups. We encourage this however please ensure you use a plugin that saves your backups off-site. Your Onyx plan is for web hosted files only - it is not for backup or other file storage.

See Onyx T&C's regarding abuse.

How many live and staging sites can I run?

You can run live sites up to the number of sites your package allows. For each live site you can have up to two simultaneous staging sites.

What about email?

Onyx is a dedicated performance Content Management System (CMS) hosting platform.

We recognise that email is important and as such we have a per domain email add-on that gives 10Gb of space with unlimited mailboxes & forwarders. Email is hosted on separate servers to the Onyx platform and includes SpamExperts filtering.

The email add-on and number of domains can be selected in the Onyx cart during checkout and also directly through the .

How do I force SSL?

SSL can forced within the domains section of the Onyx Portal. We've written a guide explaining how to do this: How to force HTTPS (SSL) on your Onyx Site.

How can I increase the memory limit?

We set each site's PHP/WordPress memory limit to 256MB per request by default. This value should handle pretty much all instances of WordPress quite happily however we do provide access for you to update this as needed. You can do so by specifying a different limit via a .user.ini configuration file or contacting support for assistance.

Where are error logs written to?

Both the web server and PHP error logs are available to view via 'Stats & Analytics' from the left hand site menu by selecting 'Error Log'.

How do I use a different theme?

From your Wordpress dashboard, Appearance > Themes > Click ‘Add New’. Please ensure your theme is directly inside the zip file you upload. Sometimes themes are double-zipped and you will need to unpack and re-zip just the theme directory.

What PHP versions & modules are supported?

Onyx currently supports the following PHP versions: 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2

PHP memory limit 512Mb

Most standard PHP modules are installed.

Should you wish to alter any PHP limits or settings you can do so by modifying the .user.ini file.

If you have an issue that you believe may be caused by a setting, limit or missing/not supported module please log a support ticket.

What PHP limits are in place?

All PHP limits are set sufficiently high that all sites should work as expected. If you have an issue that you believe may be caused by a PHP setting or limit please log a support ticket.

What happens if I exceed my plan visitor count?

We’ve currently put in place soft limits for visitor count. We will send you a message to let you know you are hitting your plan limit and that you should consider upgrading to a plan with a higher visitor limit. We don’t charge ‘overages’.

What about migrating from my existing provider?

We have a migrator called KARMA (Krystal Assisted Retrieval and Migration Assistant) - that will allow you to migrate any existing WordPress site to Onyx.

Does Onyx include SSL?

Yes it does. A FREE SSL certificate can be applied to every domain hosted under your cloud hosting plan; enables you to use https:// on all your websites at no extra cost.

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